July 7, 2022

What Lash Extensions are Best for Small Eyes?

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What an amazing question! What eyelash extensions are best for small eyes is a very common questions for both clients and lash artists!

First you always want to start with premium, high quality lash products (hint: you’re in the right place :)).

When a client has smaller eyes, your goal should be to accentuate them and open them up.

First, some things to consider for clients with small eyes:

Mega volume- this can cause already small eyes to appear even smaller, and even almost disappear under the volume of the mega lashes.

How is the clients face shaped? If the client has an oval face, you may want to use a dolly eye or a cat eye to open the appearance of the eyes using lash extensions.

A style that I love for smaller eyes is both a Classic lash extension look and also the wet look. These styles help to create an open, beautiful eye, without weighing it down with a lot of volume. They allow for the eyelids to be seen, as well, so it can cause the eyes to appear a bit larger.

I personally would do a modified round shape or dolly eye to open up small eyes.

Another thing you can with clients is take a picture of them, straight on, or have them send you a picture in advance and use your phone or ipad to draw different shapes of lashes on their eyes. This is an excellent tool to use to see in advance what shapes would be best for your clients.

Any time you are deciding which eyelash extension style to use on a client, always consider their overall face shape and how the lash extensions will affect that once applied.

I hope this was helpful! Happy lashing!

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