November 11, 2021

Be the client you want to have

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Hey there my lovely lash friends!

Welcome back to my lash blog! This post is inspired by something I see a lot of in this industry. And I have to admit, I need to check myself sometimes on this as well.

This is about looking for a product or lash training. This topic starts usually with a search or desire for something. Like lash products or trainings. So, we begin searching the internet, social media, or asking friends for a great X, Y, or Z. Then we discover the average price ranges of what we are looking for. Okay so lets use lash products as an example.

Lash trays can range anywhere from $9-$45 a tray depending on what you’re looking for. You begin to think to yourself, ugh this is so expensive! I wish I could get them for cheaper.

So, you do the expected thing and ask for cheap lash trays in a facebook group or do a search online. You notice that some trays really are more expensive from reputable brands, but why pay that when you could get them in bulk from an online supplier for like $4 a tray?

I totally understand this. It’s normal. But here is what I want you to consider.

MY STORY: As a person who has sampled dozens of manufacturers, and paid for all of those samples, I can assure you that there is a reason that reputable brands have a higher cost.

The time and energy and care put into curating a quality product is worth the extra money.

When I began my brand, I order tons of samples. Some were junk. Some were okay. Maybe 1 or 2 were worth using. When it came to adhesive, I ordered and tested dozens before I found one that worked with my clients’ lashes. That took time, because everytime I tried one out, I had to wait weeks to test its retention.

When you are ordering products, consider that it may be higher priced because that company has confidence and experience of use behind that product. They have tested it, sampled it, made sure it was the best they could get before deciding to sell it to others.

Also consider the packaging, boxes, padding, mailers, printer labels, ink, stickers, accessories, cards and brochures that come along with it.

When you are asking for a cheaper product or training, do not be surprised if you received less than quality in return.

I would also love you to consider if you are going to train others or have a line one day. If so, imagine the time it takes, energy, just to create and produce a quality training after YEARS of experience that it took you to get to where you are. Imagine the investments you have made in your education, and pouring your knowledge into others.

I would like to end this by asking you what kind of clients you want to have? Do you want to have clients who RAVE about your products and services? Students who fell in love with your trainings?

Do you want clients who leave you reviews and tell their friends about you? I do!

So my question is, do you do this for others? Do you give genuine feedback on products, trainings and services? The Universal Law of Reciprocity says that to receive, we must first give. So before asking what others can do for you, ask yourself how you can give back first.

Go leave your last training class a great review. Post about a product you love and why you love it. Ask for the most QUALITY trainings, products and services, and find a way to invest.

Then open yourself up to receive. Be the client you wish you had.



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