September 7, 2023

What Eyelash Extension Supplies do You need to begin lashing?

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The Simply Lash Product Line was created with the eyelash artist in mind.  The product line has classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, lash remover gel, eyelash extension adhesive (glue), lash tweezers, eyelash extension under eye pads, and mascara wands.


When you start doing lashes, you’ll understand that there are basic things you absolutely need to have on hand at all times.  Let’s go over that list!


First, you’ll need to have some type of eyelash cleanser and an eyeshadow brush to cleanse the lashes.  You can cleanse the lashes for your client, or ask them to cleans their lashes when they first arrive to their appointment. Once the lashes are nice and clean, you’re ready to get started.


You will need two tweezers: one for isolating the natural lash, and one for placing the extensions.  The placement tweezer can be for classic lashes or volume lashes, depending on which you are applying. 

Your tweezers will make or break your lash service.  Simply Lash hand tests each volume and Classic tweezer to ensure that it works properly and has the best grab for volume and classic lashes.  If you can’t grab your lashes, your set will take much longer than necessary. 


After getting tweezers ready, you’ll need to have under eye pads or medical foam tape to place on the lower lashes.  You cannot lash eyes without using under eye pads or tape.  The purpose of this is to keep the bottom lashes away from the upper lashes.  If you lash a bottom lash, it can adhere to a top lash, causing the bottom and top lashes to be glued together.  When placing under eye pads or foam tape, you want the most gentle thing for your clients’ skin.  The under eye skin is very sensitive and needs to be treated with care.  Gel pads are excellent, however foam tape is ideal.  The foam tape is soft and therefore, won’t cause any abrasions to the client’s eye.  


Next you will need to have lashes and adhesive ready.  When you place strips of lashes onto a tile or lash palette, place them on the lower half so that you can place your adhesive on the top half of the tile on a jade stone.


Simply Lash lash strips are backed with easy to remove foil, so that when you go through lashes, you can quickly and easily remove the lash strip and dispose of it.  Other brands require you to use a paint scraper to get the lash strip off the tile.  


We also carry over-sized Jade Stones so that you can use one stone for the entire lash set.  Replace your adhesive drop every 15-20 minutes to prevent tackiness.  When your adhesive begins to coagulate and thicken with the air and humidity, it becomes thick, and not best for application.  To give your clients the best retention, replace often throughout your lash set. 


At this point, you can begin lashing!  You will also want to have excellent lighting for your lash room, and I recommend a ring light that you can grab on amazon.  


Simply Lash has created lashes, tweezers and adhesive that all work together to create amazing lash sets with great retention.  If you want to lash simply and easily, choose quality products that work with every set. 


All lashes are created with synthetic PBT material.  This material is cruelty free and safe for human use.  Each lash type has a unique curl and thickness to help your create the lash set your client desires.  Our mix trays have sizes from 7mm to 14mm, and our single length trays go all the way up to 16mm.  


Due to the material in our lashes, it best to advise your clients to avoid direct heat or smoke to their lashes.  If a client gets too close to fire, such as a lighter (with smokers) or a very close hair dryer (within inches of their eyes), the lashes can be manipulated by the heat and appear to be “singed.”  The only way to remedy this is by removal and replacement of new lashes, so its always best to inform your clients of how to care for their lashes and on what they can avoid.  


Each of our lash trays are labeled with the length and curl on every single strip!  They also have 16 rows of lashes compared to many brands with only 12, so you are truly getting the best quality at an affordable price point.  


Our adhesives are made with cyanoacrylate, methyl, and carbon black.  These are bonding and color agents.  Most adhesives are made with similar material, but what causes the difference in drying times is the amount of each ingredient in the adhesive formula.  


Adhesives with carbon black will be affected by humidity, while any clear adhesives will not be affected by humidity.  Methyl is what causes the adhesive to bond quickly.  Slower drying glues will have less methyl, and are often better suited for clients with allergies or sensitivities.  

Our lash extension adhesive is great in all environments, but best in places with humidity at 40% or less.  If you do have higher humidity, you will want to simply replace your glue drop more often.  

Our gel lash remover is the only light-floral scented remover around!  None other is quite like ours.  It quickly and gently removes lash extensions with a beautiful light scent!

Our tweezers are lightweight and hand tested for the best quality.  If you are considering purchasing a tweezer, you can have full confidence that it has been hand tested before being placed in your order. 

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