September 5, 2023

How to care for Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers

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Tweezers are like a hunter’s knife, or a hairstylists’ shears, or a doctors hands (that was extreme but stay with me).  


They need to be cared for daily to last. 

You can Keep your tweezers clean by wiping the tips with Acetone.  The acetone will remove any hardened or wet adhesive.  I do this before putting them in barbicide, to ensure a good grip on the lashes.  If there is any glue on the tips, it will affect your lash pickup. 


They should never be filed.  

Kind of a weird trend but people started using nail files to “sharpen” their tweezers a few years ago and unfortunately, the trend has continued.  I wouldn’t recommend this because it permanently alters the tweezers and doesn’t really help with “sharpening” them.  Instead, order a new pair every 2-3 months and care for them daily by removing the acetone and cleaning them. 


Keep an extra on hand. 

I have dropped so many tweezers, and usually once they drop, they are dunzo. finito. finished. 

Keeping an extra pair on hand is a good practice. 


Use a quality tweezer that works regularly and has nice, gentle tension.  Your hands will appreciate it! 


Simply Sleek Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Gentle tension for your hands, fiber tip tweezer to grab every single lash. Ideal for volume, wispy sets, and mega volume lashing.




Whether you’re lying in bed late at night accidentally dropping your phone on your face (sorry about that), stuck in an Uber in traffic (thoughts n’ prayers), bored in the bathroom (we all do it right?),  

I’m so grateful you’re here on this crazy wild ride with me and I’m so excited to have a way to share tips and tricks for our industry! 


Let’s level up together.



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