October 2, 2023

What makes the Best Eyelash Extensions Brand?

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There is a ton that goes into creating a lash extension product line. Everything from lashes, to tweezers, to adhesive, and education can make a difference on a brand.  So what is the best eyelash extensions brand and what makes it the best?  Let’s explore how to find the right one for you and your eyelash extension business. 


Quality of Products

The quality of products is the major, utmost important part of the best eyelash extensions brand.   Without quality products, your lash business won’t survive.   It is super important that you are using lashes and tweezers that work well for your techniques and that your clients love!  Lash clients definitely know the difference between stiff, uncomfortable, thick lashes versus soft, fluffy, barely noticeable to the touch lash extensions.  They are the ones wearing them everyday and they can definitely feel the difference.  One way, other than testing out the products yourself, to see if it is a quality product, is to ask your clients how they feel when they wear them.  They should be soft and fluffy and lightweight.  Your products should arrive in clean, beauiful packaging, and they should arrive on time. This is only one part of what makes the best eyelash extensions brand. 

Customer Service

This one is big. What happens if you don’t like a product, receive a broken product, or are simply unhappy with your shipment?  Customer service should be quick to respond to you and  always provide a solution.  If the customer service of a brand isn’t exceptional, I would likely not order again. 

Having incredible customer service is one of the many things that sets Simply Lash apart from the rest, and has placed us at the Best Eyelash Extensions Brand.  You can always find a solution to your needs, and we always aim to make sure that you are happy with your service and your products. If there is a product we don’t currently carry, we are always looking to add to the line and ensure that our clientele is stocked up with their favorites.

   Exceptional customer service is undeniably a cornerstone of a successful brand, and it’s what truly distinguishes the great from the mediocre. When you encounter issues with a product or service, a responsive and customer-centric approach can turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

Firstly, it’s essential for a brand to be receptive to feedback, whether it’s about product quality, shipping concerns, or any other issue. A brand that actively listens to its customers is more likely to improve and tailor its offerings to meet their needs. In the world of eyelash extensions, where precision and quality are paramount, the ability to address and rectify issues promptly can make all the difference.

Moreover, the commitment to providing solutions is what builds trust and loyalty. Customers want to know that their concerns matter and that the brand is invested in ensuring their satisfaction. This proactive approach not only resolves immediate problems but also fosters long-term relationships, turning customers into advocates for your brand.

Simply Lash’s dedication to offering solutions and constantly expanding its product line based on customer feedback is a testament to its commitment to excellence. This customer-centric approach not only ensures that clients are consistently satisfied but also positions the brand as a trustworthy and responsive partner for lash artists.

In today’s competitive market, where choices abound, exceptional customer service is often the deciding factor for repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals. It’s what sets brands like Simply Lash apart, earning them the reputation of being the best eyelash extensions brand and the trust of their clientele. As a lash artist, aligning yourself with such a brand can enhance your reputation and guarantee a positive experience for your clients, further solidifying your standing in the industry.

What YOU use and what works for YOU

Sometimes a brand and a lash artist don’t go well together because, well, maybe you don’t use the products that we carry.  And that is OK!  But if you are looking for a brand that carries all pre-made eyelash extensions, then a brand that only carries hand-made lashes just won’t be a good fit.  Selecting a brand that aligns with your techniques, your goals, and your overall values is key in establishing the best eyelash extensions brand for you. 

  It’s crucial to find a brand that complements your unique style and preferences. After all, what works for one lash artist may not necessarily work for another. Each artist has their techniques, their vision, and their specific goals when it comes to creating stunning eyelash extensions.

If you are all about precision and consistency in your work, a brand specializing in pre-made eyelash extensions might be the right choice for you. These lashes are meticulously crafted in a controlled environment to ensure uniformity in curl, length, and thickness. This level of uniformity can be a game-changer, especially when you’re aiming for that flawless look every time.

On the other hand, if you pride yourself on the artistry and customization that comes with hand-made lashes, then a brand that prioritizes this craftsmanship aligns better with your values. Hand-made lashes offer a unique, one-of-a-kind appeal that can set you apart in a competitive industry, allowing you to cater to clients seeking a personalized touch.

Ultimately, the best eyelash extensions brand for you is the one that resonates with your techniques, aligns with your goals, and reflects your values. It’s not about following trends or conforming to what’s popular; it’s about finding the brand that empowers you to express your artistry and deliver outstanding results that both you and your clients can be proud of. So, explore your options, experiment, and choose the brand that feels like the perfect fit for your lash artistry journey.

Research and Ongoing Improvement

We should all, always be improving.  As the industry develops and evovles, we do as well.  Many products that worked 10 years ago, simply don’t go in the industry or trends today. For example, 0.20 used to be the only lash for all lash extensions.  Now we know that it’s too heavy for most people, and actually damaging to most natural eyelashes. For this reason, we don’t carry that thickness at Simply Lash.   We don’t believe in over-weighting the natural lash, so we don’t carry products that will do that. 

 What makes a brand excellent, is one that has integrity in its values and ideals and stands by those values. The Best Eyelash Extension  Brand is one that values the client and the lash artist over making a quick buck.  Lash artists and their clients are the heart and soul of this business, and we aim to serve them at the highest level. 

How to Choose

 So how do you choose which is the Best Eyelash Extensions brand for you?  Simple- you must do your research on the brand, what they offer and why, and evaluate whether or not it aligns with you and your values and business. 

 The best eyelash extensions brands are those who care about their clients above all else.  And that is what we always aim for!

In the world of eyelash extensions, the choices are vast, and your brand selection can significantly impact your journey as a lash artist. Beyond the type of lashes they offer, consider the values and philosophy that a brand upholds. Are they committed to ethical sourcing and production? Do they prioritize sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices? Such factors may not only align with your personal beliefs but also resonate with a growing segment of conscientious consumers who seek eco-friendly beauty options.

Moreover, think about the brand’s support for its community of lash artists. Do they offer comprehensive training programs, ongoing education, and a network of professionals to connect with? A brand that invests in your growth and provides resources for skill enhancement can be a valuable partner in your career.

Additionally, the accessibility of a brand’s products and its pricing structure can significantly impact your business’s profitability. Some brands may offer competitive wholesale rates or exclusive perks for loyal artists. These considerations are essential in ensuring that your chosen brand not only meets your artistic needs but also supports your financial goals.

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