April 17, 2023

Arizona Lash Licensing Changes

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Have you heard about the latest that will be signed into effect by our new Governor?

Here is the breakdown and FACTS:

Arizona will no longer require lash artists to be licensed estheticians or costmetologists.

Once this is officially signed in, in order to do lashes, you will need to apply for a Lash Technician License from State Board and show that you have taken a Board Certified Training.

What is that exactly?- well, they don’t know yet. State Board will be deciding which classes are considered Board Certified.

If you have been doing lashes for 5 years, you will be able to apply to state board to become an approved instructor, and then they will decide if your curriculum is Board Approved or not.

Most likely- those of you who have been doing lashes already will be grandfathered into this new law, but that is my GUESS- not a fact.

What does this mean for you?

First- don’t stress about this. There is still a lot of vagueness in this new ruling. As time goes on, it’ll get more and more clear.

Second- if you have been doing lashes and want to become an instructor- this could be a great opportunity for you.

Third- (and my opinion)- this is great for our industry. Many people who are already doing lashes and don’t want to go through expensive schooling and just want to do lashes will now have that opportunity.

(I didnt learn anything about lashes in school, so im glad this will actually set a lash standard).

If State Board is approving curriculums, then I’m also hopeful that a lot of the trash trainings that are currently taking place will be dumped and replaced with at least some kind of basic standard.

In any situation- look to how this could be great for you, and you’ll find it.

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PS- if you want to read the actual doc its attached here

  1. Melissa Mondragon says:

    Where do we look to see when it goes into effect to not be licensed?

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