July 14, 2019

To My Fellow Lash Artist Ladies

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To the lash artist who doesn’t know why he/she is doing lashes…… This post is for you.

This is me and lashes make me feel better! I used to wonder why I was drawn to being an esthetician and if I was contributing to others lives in a positive way. The reason for this is because I want to make sure I’m making a difference to people! If I’m just “doing lashes,” am I really helping anyone at all?

So I haven’t had lashes on in a LONG time, and decided okay okay Erica get some lashes and let’s call it market research  so I did. And guess what? That 1-2 hours I give myself every 2 weeks has made all the difference for me! I feel like i finally have a little bit of “me” time where i can chat with my lash artist, drift off into sleep, let my mind wander and meditate, or totally conk out and snore .

Having my lashes done has made me feel prettier (which I really started feeling the need for after 30), it gives me something to look forward to, and it makes me feel like I’m giving back to myself a little bit. 

So, lash artist, I’m talking to you, if you’re wondering if you give back to others with your work or if it means anything at all, IT DOES. It means a lot to a lot of people and some people will spend extra time working to be able to afford this amazing luxury service so know that YOU have value, and make sure that you’re giving 150% to each and every lash set because your client deserves it and so do you!