July 25, 2022

How to Create New and Loyal Clients

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Hello my lovely lash artists!

To get new and loyal clients, you can’t skip this MAJOR step!

And it might not be what you think!

Ready for it?


That’s right!

The FIRST step to getting more clients is to treat the clients you do have better than anyone they’ve ever been to! Whether the service was good or bad, they WILL TELL THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT IT so make sure it’s great!

Here are some examples of SMALL STEPS you can take to start this now:

-Offer them a blanket during their service

-Ask if they’d like a bottle of water before they leave

-Play relaxing, soft music during their service

-Ask them if they are comfortable

-Remember their stories and ask them how their kids, spouse, job, etc is doing.

-Send a friendly, professional message 2 days after their service to see how their lashes are doing and to just check in! (“Hey (name), I hope your day is going great! I wanted to see how your lashes are doing! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!”)

Next time, I’ll be addressing the next thing you absolutely need to do to get repeat, recurring clients!

Until then, simply lash!



Simply Lash

PS- Want to get faster at lashing? Check out this tutorial

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