September 19, 2022

This could get you more appointments…

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One of the easiest ways that you can get more clients is by making it really, really, REALLY easy to book with you.

Some things that are holding your clients back from booking could be:

-Not having an online booking system

-Having too many different service types

-Confusion when it comes to how to book with you

-Unclear offerings

Did you know that many clients book overnight, in the early morning, or late into the evening? If you don’t have an online booking system, you are missing out on bookings, period.

According to, Small businesses were able to gain an average revenue increase of 37% when using online booking systems. THAT IS HUGE!

You are also saving yourself time and effort of going back and forth by having an online booking system.

Here are some tips when it comes to this:

-Only allow clients to book 24 hours in advance (I don’t offer last minute or same day bookings because it throws my schedule too much)

-Choose a well-established, easy to use system. I recommend and personally use

-Put this booking site on ALL of your pages. Facebook, instagram, website, yelp, google business, on your voicemail, auto responses…. you get it. everywhere.

I also love Vagaro because it sends out automatic text and email reminders to my clients 24 and 72 hours in advance. Many of my clients have told me how much they love and appreciate the reminders! You’re even able to keep a credit card on file and charge late/no show fees.

If you’re still booking the old school way, keep this in mind:
If a client wants to book in the evening, while she’s laying in bed relaxing, and she goes to two different websites, and one offers online booking, and the other requires a phone call or text during business hours, she will choose the more convenient option.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to increase bookings, get an online booking system babe.

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